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Role of the ISC

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BGC Inc., provides independent support coordination services primarily to children and adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities and who receive funding through the Medicaid Waiver program and other funding sources.

 The Role of the ISC includes:

• Work with individuals, families, and community resources to promote the most balanced quality of life for individuals.

• Monitor support on a monthly basis, or more if needed.

• Plan and gather information to provide a comprehensive PCSP.

• Requests services that meet the needs of the individual.

• Facilitate meetings to promote the individual’s wants and needs.

• Listen and act on behalf of the individual’s wants and needs across all environments.

• Incorporate outside resources such as natural supports and technology to promote independence and community involvement.

• Remain objective and professional.

1221 S. Hartmann Dr., Suite F, Lebanon, TN 37090 +1-615-377-0950 ext. 2453