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Conflict Resolution/Grievance Policy

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Purpose: To define a process for addressing disputes that individuals, families, or BGC, Inc., staff regarding decisions made by the agency affecting their participation, rights, or freedom of choices in the services of the agency.

Policy Statement: BGC Inc. provides an internal process for resolving issues between individuals and their support coordinators.

Implementation Procedures:

1. When BGC is made aware of an issue regarding an Individual Support Coordinator, the issue will be directed to the Support Coordinator’s supervisor.

2. The supervisor will listen to the individual, note the issue/s, and set a time/date to talk with the individual for follow-up. The Supervisor may request the issue(s) to be noted in writing so as to facilitate a comprehensive understanding.

3. The supervisor will discuss the issue(s) with the Support Coordinator and attempt to facilitate resolution with the individual. Maintaining comprehensive documentation of all issues and efforts toward resolution.

4. The supervisor will make sure the individual knows of his/her rights to change Support Coordinators and/or Support Coordination agencies. If the person wishes to change coordinators or agencies, the supervisor will refer to BGC Inc upper management.

5. BGC, Inc. Upper management will discuss with him/her and facilitate an internal change in Support Coordinator, when at all possible, or give the appropriate contact numbers for a change in Support Coordination Agencies and the steps for completion.

6. If the issues are still not resolved the Supervisor and Upper Management will talk with the Executive Director of BGC. The director will meet with all involved parties and attempt to resolve the issue and a response will be presented to all parties within 5 business days.

7. Should the matter remain unresolved at this point of the procedure, the director may appeal to the Board of Directors for a response to the conflict. The Board may invite other parties to a meeting held to discuss the matter; if the Board believes those patties can clarify or assist in resolution of the matter, the Board will meet and render a decision in writing with-in ten business days.

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