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The following positions are available with BGC Inc. Please click below to learn more and follow the link at the bottom of the description to apply.

Report to: ISC Supervisor

Primary Function: To carry out all functions as assigned within the Independent Support Coordination job description.

BGC, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all Independent Support Coordination services are centered on assisting the individual in identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and using both paid services and natural supports to enhance the individual’s independence, integration in the community, and productivity as specified in the individuals Person Centered Support Plan (Plan of Care).

• 5 years of experience or a degree.
• Experience with individuals who have developmental disabilities.
• Driver’s license and dependable vehicle.
• Able to pass a background check.
• Good computer skills.

Starting Salary: $35-38,000 per year

Job Duties Include but Are Not Limited to:

• Completes and Documents ongoing assessments of the individual.
• Develops, Evaluates, and Revises the Person-Centered Support Plan.
• Meeting specific requirements for content and time frames as set forth by DIDD policies.
• Provides general education about the program, including advocating on behalf of individuals rights and person centeredness.
• Ensures Individual, selected family and/or Legal Conservator understand Individual rights afforded to the person and documents such understanding no less than annually.
• Coordinates, as authorized, with internal and external resources, ie TN Care coordinators/Nurse • Case Manages, Medical personnel, DHS, DCS, Justice System, Dept. of Education.
• Proactively addresses service and support needs for individuals reaching the age of 21 including notifying ISC supervisor of barriers.
• Maintains documented dialogue with designated TN Care coordinator in situations where support needs are available/provided by TN Care.
• Completes and documents monthly contacts: such as in person face-to-face contacts/ virtual contacts with the individual in various settings at various times including visits with the individual in the individual home (where waiver services are provided).
• Represents Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, BGC, Inc. and Self.
• Attends all individually scheduled or group scheduled meetings/ training as required by BGC, Inc. and/or by DIDDS.
• Adheres to all directions specific to work needs as set forth by ISC supervisor.


1221 S. Hartmann Dr., Suite F, Lebanon, TN 37090 +1-615-377-0950 ext. 2453