Who Provides Med Waiver Services?

Who Provides Services?

There are people and agencies approved by the State of Tennessee at DIDD to provide med waiver services. The individual and family may choose any approved providers who are willing to offer the needed services

The Independent Support Coordinator (ISC) discusses and presents to the individual and family a list of all the providers in the individual's chosen area of preferred living at least annual but more frequently as requested by the individual or his/her family/legal conservator OR as the needs of the individual changes.  The individual or family may change providers, including specific ISC or ISC provider agency, at any time. The ISC or ISC supervisor will act to facilitate any requested change.

An individual and family may choose any Independent Support Coordinator agency. A person may NOT be able to choose the support coordinator. It depends on the number of people that the support coordinator may have and if she/he has an opening in the area. BGC, Inc. commits to make all efforts possible to respect and support preference when specific ISC's are requested.

When a Family Member Provides Services - DEDDs Policy

Forty Hours Per Week Reimbursement Limit for Family Members

  • The reimbursement limit of forty hours per week per family member paid to provide Waiver services became effective January 1, 2013. However, for monitoring purposes, DIDD will consider the effective date to be August 1, 2013.
  • The reimbursement limit of forty hours per week per family member paid to provide Waiver services applies to all three (3) Waivers.
  • The term "family member" does not just apply to immediate family members. The definition of family member in the approved Waiver is "...the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, son, daughter, or spouse, whether the relationship is by blood, by marriage, or by adoption."
  • It is very important that COS and providers meet to plan for and implement the new forty hours per week requirement. COS should cite the Waiver requirement as basis for this change in reimbursement to family members.
  • DIDD will provide support to any COS that is having difficulty in determining services and supports. Providers of Support Coordination or Waiver services may contact the Director of the Regional Office for assistance. Contact information is available on the DIDD website.
  • The COS decision that it is/is not in the best interest of the person supported to receive Waiver services from family members should be documented in the Individual Support Plan for the person supported.
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