What if There is a Problem?

What if there is a Problem?

If a person or the family is unhappy about services or the way someone has been treated, there are things that can be done. The ISC can help with these types of concerns. A call can be made if the person or family is unhappy with a staff person. The person and family should always be reminded that if the current services are not appropriate for the person, for whatever reason, the person or family can request a change in providers. If the ISC/ISC provider cannot help, or the person or family chooses to, a complaint can be file at the Regional/Central office level of DIDD or directly to TennCare.

A complaint (named or anonymous) can be filed anytime at:

  • The Developmental Disability Regional Office
  • The Developmental Disability Central Office
  • TNCare


How do people complete the complaint?

Each regional office has a phone number to talce calls when there is a problem. There is a person there who is in charge of Customer Focused Services. Ifthe office is closed, the answering machine will answer and a message can be left. The number to call depend on what region the person lives in the state. The numbers are as follows:

Local 615-231-5492


How do people report allegations of:

  • Abuse: physical, sexual or emotional/psychological
  • Neglect
  • Exploitation: of person's belongings, money, resources or status
  • Serious Injury of Unknown Cause
  • Suspicious Injuries
  • Death

Middle- 1-888-633-1313

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