Values and Individual Rights

I need a nice short paragraph to introduce the Values and Individual rights of Developmental Disability Service Recipients page . . .


  • Person-Centered focus
  • Person-Friendly information
  • Individual choices
  • Oppo1tunities
  • Respect
  • Safety and security
  • Professionalis1n
  • Innovation
  • Effective service planning
  • Quality improvement
  • Risk identification and planning
  • Staff training
  • Access to reliable information
  • Stakeholder input

Individual rights of Developmental Disability Service Recipients:

  • To be treated with respect & dignity
  • To have the same legal rights & responsibilities as any other person unless limited by law
  • To receive services regardless of gender, race, creed, marital status, national origin, disability or age
  • To be free from abuse, neglect & exploitation
  • To receive appropriate, quality services in accordance with an ISP
  • To receive services & supports in the most integrated & least restrictive setting appropriate for the person's needs
  • To have access to DMRS rules, policies & procedures
  • To have access to personal records & to have services explained in an easily understandable manner
  • To have personal records maintained confidentially
  • To own & control personal property, including money
  • To have choices & make decisions
  • To have privacy
  • To receive unopened mail
  • To have access to information & records re: expenditures of funds for services provided
  • To associate, publicly or private, with friends, family, & others
  • To have intimate relationships with other people of their own choosing
  • To practice the religion or faith of one's choosing
  • To be free from inappropriate use of physical or chemical restraint
  • To have access to transportation & environments used by the general public
  • To be fairly compensated for employment
  • To seek resolution of rights violations or quality of care issues without retaliation.



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