Role of the ISC

BGC Inc., provides independent support coordination services primarily to children and adults who have developmental disabilities and who receive funding through the Medicaid Waiver program. Individuals receiving this support comes to us via a waiting list maintained by the State of Tennessee.

 The Role of the ISC:

  • To support the individual by gathering resources through the State of Tennessee Regional Office by providing accurate and up to date information regarding all aspects of the person's life and the changes of the Med Waiver Program as they arise.
  • Work with individuals, families, and provider agencies to promote the most balanced qualify of life on a daily basis to meet the needs of the individuals.
  • Monitor supports on a monthly basis or more if needed.
  • Report all issues of the individual's life across all environments to the various entities
  • Plan and gather information to provide a comprehensive Individual support Plan that is person centered
  • Requests services that meets the needs of the individual
  • Facilitate meetings with the person's needs and requests placed first to the Circle of Support
  • Listening and acting on behalf of the individual's wants and needs across all environments with an advocate agenda
  • Incorporating outside resources such as natural supports, safety plans for an individual to have an independent life in their surroundings, and mediate between all parties necessary for goal reaching.
  • Completing the Appeal Process when requested by individuals, family, or other entities related to the individual's life
  • Remaining objective and professional


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