Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) - The Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, is the state agency responsible for providing services and supports to Tennesseans with Intellectual Disabilities.

DIDD provides services directly or through contracts with community providers in a variety of settings. These settings range from institutional care to individual supported living in the community.

There are two long-term care facilities in the system; however, there are guidelines in place to move all service recipients out of these environments to the community. They are Cloverbottom Developmental Center in Nashville and Greene Valley Developmental Center in Greenville, TN.

Regional offices are located in West, Middle, and East TN; Arlington, Nashville, and Knoxville.

The DIDD vision is that Tennesseans with intellectual disabilities will have the opportunity and needed support to be part of their community in which they live. People with intellectual disabilities have a right to healthy, secure, and meaningful lives surrounded by family and friends.

The DIDD mission is to provide leadership in the development and maintenance of a system that offers a continuum of services and support for persons with intellectual disabilities. The services and support will contribute to those persons having healthy, secure and meaningful lives, living in a residence of their choosing.

The DIDD will work to accomplish its mission by recognizing that its values and principles are the cornerstone of the service delivery system. DIDD staff will act with professionalism, integrity, and honesty to achieve and maintain the credibility that is required to fulfill the organization's mission.




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