Pat Hill Recognition Award

The first Monday in December, each year, BGC holds a luncheon and presents the Pat Hill Award.  Pat was an ISC for several years in the south central Tennessee area who passed away from cancer, and we choose to remember her by giving an award to an individual who is known in his/her community for doing things for others.

Nominations are taken through the fall and our Boa rd of Directors chooses a winner each year. A cash award is given to the individual and he/she is invited to the award luncheon each year afterward.  Last year's winner always presents the award to the current year's winner. Local businesses sponsor the event.

BGC,Inc. Presents: The Annual Pat Hill Recognition Award

Purpose: To demonstrate the life and characteristics of Patricia Hill

Award: $250 cash.

Eligibility:  An individual with an intellectual disability who demonstrates an unrecognized service in integrity, honesty, and/or empathy, and who is enrolled in the SD/Statewide waiver from the Division of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities of Middle Tennessee

Nominations: Letters, Videos, and Pictures may be submitted by anyone:  Letters, videos, and pictures must show/explain how the person demonstrates these characteristics.    

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Entrees accepted August 1st, 2015 - October 31st, 2015

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